Recommended organisations

Highly recommended health organisations and businesses

mustard_seed_logoThe Mustard Seed, Christian Book Shop and Teahouse, 2 Main Road, Gedling, Nottingham NG4 3HP, 0115 987 9819.

Stockist of health supplements and products, including bitter apricot kernels, natural health books and of Credence products. Chris Stala has her own passion to help people going through cancer, just as she was a rock for us when Sue was going through cancer.


root_restoreRoot Restore Health and Lifestyle Products, Victoria Centre Indoor Market, Nottingham. Mellissa brings healthy herbs, teas, tinctures and safer non toxic personal care products to replace every day products that we do not give a second thought to that may be progressively harming us. Mellissa is very passionate about what she does and has a heart for people.


credence_logoPhillip Day of Credence Publications wrote a book called ‘Cancer Why We Are Still Dying to Know the Truth’ which was one of the first books to open my eyes and I consider turned things around in my wife’s health crises. Phillip is a health researcher and an inspirational speaker all over the world, but he is very much down to earth. His seminars are powerful, but very light hearted and entertaining dealing with such serious matters and I whole heartedly recommend Phillips talks, books and products.

cacer_activeCancerActive is an amazing integrational Cancer Charity and was set up by Chris Woollams who is passionate about bringing out truths about cancer, with a well balanced approach. Chris is a health speaker and he has written several health and nutrition books which are must reads if you are looking into cancer treatment options. Highly recommended!


Natural Cancer Health institutes/organisations

  • Gerson Institute, Max & Charlotte Gerson
  • Dr Nicholas Gonzalez
  • Oasis of Hope cancer centre Francisco Contreras,
  • Hoxley Institute
  • The Campaign for Truth in Medicine, Philip Day
  • Burzinski Clinic USA


Website and educational emails

  • Joseph Mercola website
  • Natural News, Mike Adams
  • Renegade Health, Kevin Gianni
  • Renegade Health, Frederick Patenaude
  • The Food Revolution Network, Ocean Robbins
  • CancerActive, UK website, Chris Woollams


Recommended Reading

  • Cancer Why Were Still Dying to Know the Truth, Philip Day
  • Great News on Cancer in the 21st Century, Steve Ransom
  • World Without Cancer, G Edward Griffin
  • Your life in Your Hands, Professor Jane Plant,
  • The Gerson Therapy,
  • Health Wars, Philip Day
  • Plague Pestilence and the pursuit of Power, Philip Day,
  • The Cancer business, ,Pat Ratigan
  • Dismantling Cancer, Francisco Contreras
  • Cancer, Step Outside the Box, Ty M. Bollinger
  • Everything You Need to Know to Help You Beat Cancer,   Chris Woollams
  • Toxic Bite, Philip Day
  • What The Doctors Don’t Tell You, amazing UK monthly magazine from WH Smiths
  • What would Jesus eat, Don Colbert M.D.
  • 50 Critical Cancer Answers, Francisco Contreras
  • Cancer Therapy, Ralph W. Moss PHD
  • NHS plc, Alyson, M. Pollock
  • Food For Thought, Philip Day
  • The Juice Master Diet, Jason Vale
  • The pH Miracle, Robert Young
  • The Bible, (Genesis, Leviticus, Daniel)
  • The Blue Zones, Dan Buettner
  • Water Cures, Drugs Kill, Dr F Batmanghelidj
  • Candida Albicans Leon Chaitow,
  • Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, Dr F Batmanghelidj
  • The Root Of All Disease, Elmer G Heinrich