Testimony – Shingles

Testimonial to Rob and Sue from Jacqueline Reynard

Most of us have heard of people getting Shingles much later in life so don’t really consider it in our younger years. We hear how painful it is and that some get over it quicker than others. However, a new breed of Shingles has arrived and it can affect us all no matter what age.

I have suffered Recurrent Shingles for over 20 years; it started for me at age 38. It is painful and very debilitating and yet most Doctors are still of the opinion that Shingles doesn’t recur. I am living proof that it can and does recur!

Having gone down the medical route I had many tests and as they couldn’t actually find what was causing me to have Shingles recurrently I was finally given a maintenance level of anti-viral tablets. I found that these drugs, apart from giving me IBS did lower the outbreaks, but as I also found to my detriment when I simply missed two days dose, the problem flared right back up again, even though I had been taking them for over a year!! This made me realise that these drugs only mask the problem, they don’t cure it and I really didn’t want to keep pumping myself with something toxic that would never cure me.

Therefore I wanted to find another way and quite by accident I did. About 3 years ago I had a very bad bout of Acid Reflux and so searched for a diet that would help to calm it. By doing so I found something very interesting happened! The diet also calmed the outbreak of Shingles as well!

Due to my involvement with researching diet and how it affects our health, I was introduced to Sue and Robert Olifent as I was told of Sue’s amazing recovery from Liver cancer due to Robert researching and finding a diet based on naturally sourced foods, herbs and vitamins. This was similar to the diet that helped me with Shingles and I became very interested in learning more from them. In both cases the diet boosts an ailing immune system, re-kick starting it back into action and enabling it to do what it was designed for, to fight disease, infection and viruses.

Diet is important and having met Sue and Robert I am even more convinced that there is a definite need for us to take better control of our own health! Having passed the diet to my Sister for her Anxiety and Acid problems and another friend for her Recurrent Cold Sores, both have reported back how well they feel now!

We were all born and given the most perfectly designed and engineered digestive systems and over time we wreck it by over indulgence in foods and drinks that are highly processed, full of chemicals and hormones that our bodies were never designed to process.

We need to become more aware as myself; Sue and Rob have, as to what we need to do to help ourselves when the medical profession and its drugs fail us.

As with everything, what we did worked well for us, but we cannot advise or guarantee that it will work for everyone. Whatever your ailments it is always wise to consult a professional health care practitioner before embarking on any change in diet or exercise programme, to ensure that there are no conflicts or health risks.

Kind ones