Riley Marilyn removing Basal Cell Carcinoma from the nose

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Riley Marilyns Testimony using Black Salve

We have the pleasure in sharing Riley Marilyn’s amazing story of removing Basal Cell Carcinoma from her nose in just 4 days using black salve. Riley‘s story of using black salve is amazing, but she also understood the necessity to address the cancer on many other levels too. This is often referred to as ‘holistically’ which means addressing many influencing issues. These issues often include detoxification, dietary changes, supplementation, oxygen therapies, enzymes, hydration, sleep, emotional issues etc. ect.

I recall listening to the lovely Ann Devlin who shared her testimony at one of our Wake Up to Health seminars about 18 months ago. Ann also used black salve to treat four of her breast tumours successfully. You can read Ann’s story and see the documented photos on our website

Both Riley and Ann realized that the cancer was the symptom of a whole body out of balance and the importance of integrating holistic protocols to help prevent the cancer from returning.

Riley Marilyn travelled down to Nottingham for 3 hours to attend our July 2016 ACTS seminar and came prepared with her PowerPoint photos which documented the process. Riley hopes that by sharing her story that this may inspire and encourage others. This is about empowering people with knowledge and enabling people to make informed decisions to be a part of their own healing journey.

Although the footage is not professionally filmed and the sound quality is not the best, we feel that it is powerful and well worth watching. The documented photos at the beginning of the film are quite incredible, so be inspired.