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Do You Want to Know What We Did to Beat Cancer?
By Robert Olifent

  • A compelling personal experience of surviving cancer, through natural principles.
  • Learn from our experience and how we wrecked the environment that cancer needs to thrive.
  • Positivity, hope and reassurance that there is so much that can be done, naturally with a detailed résumé of the protocols we put into practice.


Learn about foods, herbs, spices, juices and beverages that are well documented to fight cancer, starve cancer and also those that feed cancer! We explain simple and logical principles which we used to encourage the body’s own innate capacity to heal.

Book_cover-small2Be aware of the hidden health issues behind modern day foods and how this affects us and our families.

Follow the lead of eighteen cultures around the world that simply do not have cancer, arthritis, heart disease etc, etc. I recommend reading a book called ‘the Blue Zones’ by Dan Buettner which documents the longevity of eighteen different cultures around the world and their non existent disease.

Our book is easy reading and set in brief sectional chapters without the use of complicated jargon. This makes it lighter, down to earth, but with a depth of knowledge made easily understandable to put into practice.

Our book is an inspiration and relevant to people with cancer as well as for people who want to stack the odds in their favour in the prevention of cancer.

The book gives the details of our personal journey.