Eye opening cancer meeting attended Wed 27th August 2014

I have just been to a cancer meeting this evening with a keynote speaker who is a professor of Immunology in cancer. Very technical, very knowledgeable, very statistical, very genuine, very trapped in the cancer system holding away from natural ways of healing and prevention.

The professor when quizzed admitted that preventative measures were not on the cards of the medical/pharmaceutical companies. This was in light of our agreeing that up to 70% of cancer could be avoided through lifestyle and nutrition. He agreed that sugar fed cancer, but I explained to him the hospital cancer diet booklets were telling people to eat sugar, cakes, biscuits, buns, sugary drinks and disgracefully telling people not to bulk up on fruits and vegetables. Bless him, I think even he was dumfounded at that one.

It was an interesting meeting, as I got to gain an insight in how the medical mantra gets put into place without to many questions being raised from those professionals within the industry.

Going back in time to the early car manufacturing days of the Ford motor company, Ford employed highly trained workers that built the cars from start to finish. What Ford realised was that if they employed workers to do individual production line menial tasks they could easily train someone to place the pistons in or gears together all day long and they would not have to be highly skilled and there pay would be set accordingly. They would not have the capacity to understand all the complexities of the engine, gears, and brakes etc as a whole.

Well we do have highly trained medical people such as this professor, but by his own admission he did not fully understand all of what his colleagues skills were, but neither did his colleagues understand the complexity’s of his expertise. So there is a central collation point to gather information to be analysed, understood and disseminated by medical people in power who have the overall perspective and who make the decisions. It is not hard to see all of these people busying away in all the complexities of cancer and the human body without having the ability to step outside of there niche area of training and not involved in the coordination of policy.

The professor said that it may be unlikely that they will ever find a cure for cancer within the medical/pharmaceutical paradigm but only better way to treat. (treat, treat, treat and treat)

A question was hypothesised that baring in mind that these massive pharmaceutical companies are for profit corporations that have responsibilities primarily to their share holders. If a cure turned up would they really embrace the cure which would in effect wreck the massive multi billion pound industry. I fear that they would bury that cure in medical and political bureaucracy never to see the light of day. It would not be in their interests to have a cure and wind up all the machinery, all the Doctors jobs, all of the cancer research societies with their billions flooding into the corporations research establishments.

Please research past cures for cancer: Harry Hoxely, Renée Caisse, Max Gerson, Charlotte Gerson, Stanislaw Burzinski, Ernst Krebs (junior), Dr Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize winner), Linus Pauling (two times Nobel Prize Winner), Jason Vale who cured himself of cancer twice and told others of what he did and was placed in prison.
I warn you, once the veil is lifted from your eyes you will never view the world in the same light again!

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