John Mackenzie’s Testimony

John’s terminal diagnosis has been terminated as his fifteen lung cancer tumours are no longer evident. How, read his story.


 john and emma

This is the story of John Mackenzie who Sue and I were introduced to through Facebook early 2015. John was classed as terminal and given no hope, as his kidney cancer had metastasised to the lungs with fifteen tumours in all. Emma, Johns partner believed totally in the body’s natural capacity to heal and she threw everything into stacking the odds in John’s favour. John is now cancer free. We were privileged to have John and Emma give their personal testimony at our ‘Wake Up to Health’ seminar in July 2015, where they inspired so many people.

John Mackenzie Cancer recovery testimony

By Emma Collins 05 August 2015

In October 2013 John was diagnosed with kidney cancer and on the 5th December he had surgery to remove the kidney with no further treatment. It was also noted that some nodules were apparent on John’s lung, but this was suspected to be inflammation at this time. After discussing dietary health with John, we went on an alkaline diet and included Apricot Kernels (Vitamin B17) just as a precaution and at his next check-up the nodules on his lungs were no longer present.

On John’s second check-up In May 2014 we were given the all clear, but the doctors suggested that they would like to keep an eye on him regarding the nodules they had seen previously.

In September 2014 John underwent a biopsy of the urethra due to experiencing discomfort, but results again came back as inflammation.

John went back to a normal diet and lifestyle which I had concerns about as I wanted him to stay as alkaline as possible to prevent any possible chance of reoccurrence. I do not think at this time that John was fully on board with the dietary regime and its importance; I was of a different opinion though.

The biggest blow of all came in November 2014 when the check-up showed that the nodules on John’s lungs had grown and the original kidney cancer had metastasized to the lungs. We were devastated, but I was adamant with John that we needed to go back on the alkaline diet, supplements and apricot kernels, etc. We went away and enjoyed our Christmas and New Year whilst we awaited an appointment following the oncologist’s multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT).

In January 2015 we were again informed that the nodules were lung cancer and that it was very aggressive. The doctor explained that it was terminal but they may be able to prolong John’s life with biological therapy. I begged John not to go down the medical route, but he was scared and wanted to do both the diet and their therapy. The medical professionals were not pleased with my views and said that I must be careful and advise them of everything that John was doing so that it did not react with their treatments.


They scheduled another scan for four weeks’ time to see how fast the cancer was growing, so that gave me four weeks to prove to John that he didn’t need biological therapy. The medical professionals were not in agreement with my strong belief in natural principles of healing and I felt that the doctors were very rude in their attitude to me. The doctor told me that it was up to John what he wanted to do, not me! I left the hospital telling them that they were in for a shock in four weeks’ time as I just knew what I was doing was the right thing to do. And so our journey began!

I heard about a couple from Nottingham that healed the wife’s terminal liver cancer using natural principles and I made contact on Facebook. Sue was so moved by our situation that she sent us their book free of charge. Susan & Robert Olifent had dedicated their lives to helping others by setting up a cancer support group ‘Active Cancer Therapy Support’ (ACTS). They put on seminars, sharing their testimony to help and inspire others going through cancer. We spoke to them on the phone which instilled hope into John but understandably John was scared.

We decided to attend one of their seminars in Nottingham. At the seminar we arrived slightly late and we entered into a packed room with standing room only. John knocked the projector and all the paper on the floor, that sure got us noticed but we soon settled in and listened.

Much of what was being said we were actually doing which gave reassurance to John that we were on the right track. I remember actually willing John to listen to Robert and all that he was saying. Then came the magic John really needed to hear, Bernie Walsh bless her heart, gave her account of what she did to beat her lung cancer, which immediately got Johns attention. John listened intently to her amazing story of how she beat lung cancer through implementing natural principles learned through attending ACTS seminars. WOW! This was a turning point for John as he actually started to believe. I was so glad we went to the ACTS seminar and so grateful to Bernie for her inspiration.

The day arrived to go for the scan after four weeks of intense dietary, lifestyle and detoxification protocols. We were then called a week later for the scan results. The results were that the thirteen tiny tumours surrounding the two main tumours had gone completely. The 15mm one was now 5mm and the 22mm had shrunk dramatically.


In just four weeks we had made a massive impact and we were so overjoyed. John felt so confident that he had no intention of going ahead with the biological therapy. The doctors suggested that we come back in four months for a further check-up. I simply couldn’t wait four months, so after two months I arranged for John to go for a thermography scan, which showed no activity on the lungs which was music to our ears, John was cancer free.

John kept his medical appointment for the scan in June 2015 as he was keen to show the doctors what we had achieved. The results of the medical scan were two tiny 0.3/4mm blips that the doctor said could be just scar tissue and guess what guys? It was the very same oncologist we had right at the start. I did get to say “do you remember me and what I was doing?” her reply… “yes I do”, my reply  ” I told you, you were in for a shock didn’t I?


So if we can do this then there is hope for everyone!!!  The foundations of what we did were based on knowledge, positivity, determination and belief, but also having a wonderful community of lovely new friends to help us along the way whom we cannot thank enough.

Robert and Susan are a God send and they will always be in my heart. I hope to write my own book someday which will be called ‘MY PROMISE’ so please look out for this.

I wish much love, good health and a happy life to each and every one of you. Never stop believing as all things are possible when you put your mind to it; John, Berni and Sue are living proof of this.

Emma Collins xxxxxx


I Emma Collins and John Mackenzie declare that this is our testimony and a true statement of account of our experience. We give permission for Robert & Susan Olifent of ‘Active Cancer Therapy Support’ to share out testimony at their seminars and all other avenues of promotion. We authorise the use of the above testimony of our experience within their book ‘Do You Want to Know What We Did to Beat Cancer’ to give inspiration and encouragement to others going through health crises.

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We are not giving specific advice in any individual circumstances, but this is simply our story. We recommend that people going through chronic disease seek the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.