Health tips

  • Colon Cleansing was the first port of call in our endeavours to create a clean and efficient eliminatory pathway when Sue was faced with cancer. We used a gentle Magnesium Oxide powdered compound to gently release the mucus plaque which coats the inner lining of the large intestine. Our book explains these natural and simple procedures.


  • Liver cleansing was the second protocol on Sue’s health and immune boosting agenda and this was using four natural products; pineapple, garlic, ginger and extra virgin olive oil in a blend with water and drunk each morning for ten days.


  • Rebounding (small exercise trampoline) is an excellent way of getting the lymphatic system moving which assists in taking away waste products from our cells to the liver and then Eliminated from the body. The lymphatic fluid is three times the capacity of our blood, but the lymph system has no pump like the blood having the heart. What this means is that the removal of our cellular waste relies on our movement and muscle contraction and expansions to move the toxic waste out of our body’s through the lymph fluid. We are leading more sedentary lifestlyes which is major cause of our obesity epidemic and our toxicity build up. It therefore makes perfect sense to address these issues and to get the lymphatic system moving again in order to address many common health issues which are borne out of a stagnating lymphatic system, especially cancer and lymphoma’s.