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Where Do I Get Good Quality Health


This is such a regular question Sue and I get asked when we are giving lifestyle coaching

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Shop Holistic Telephone: (Referred by Active Cancer Therapy Support)

Many people come to us and ask what supplements, what brands, which suppliers. Sue and I have always taken the stance of not selling things in order to be seen as doing what we do for all the right reasons. This approach has also prevented us from being targeted by the authorities too which is what often happens. We have put on free seminars and supported people with cancer for six years all free of charge and we have driven ourselves into the ground financially.

We do not think there is anything wrong with people selling products or making a living out of there knowledge and services, but we do have a problem with people making mega money out of peoples sickness.

To keep within the constraints of the law we have to make clear that we are not prescribing or making any claims of healing anyone and this is in order to comply with the UK law and cancer act of 1939. We are legally unable to give specific advice so all we do is to share the knowledge of what we chose to do when my wife was told there was no hope.

However we all still have free will and for those who would like to take supplements, and products to help boost the immune system, address toxicities and deficiencies and to be healthier in general then the following information may be of interest to you.

We have linked up with a wonderful family run business Shop Holistic in the South of Wales run by husband, wife and daughter. They provide excellent quality natural health products at reasonable prices, but more than that they have a real heart to help people to achieve health and life more abundantly.

Shop Holistic have set up a special part of their website where you can get many of the health products you may find of interest. In setting this facility up Dani Bryant of Shop Holistic has kindly agreed to support ACTS with a contribution/commission of 5% of sales generated through ACTS.

Our hope is that people will have less stress in trying to find good quality health products, we will spend less of our time explaining sources and people can actively support us to support you without it costing you anything when you intended to purchase these products anyway.

Some of the products available are supplements, vitamin, C, E, A. B complex, niacin, vitamin D3, K2, magnesium, potassium, Co Q10, glutathione, probiotics, digestive enzymes, iodine, coffee enemas kit and coffee, CBD oil, essential oils, healthier non toxic H&B products, household cleaning products, EMF safety devices, bath salts etc.


Shop HolisticTelephone: (Referred by Active Cancer Therapy Support)

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