Fermented Food

Why eating fermented food is good for health

The process of fermentation of food goes back thousands of years and the benefits to health can be amazing.

Since the dawn of time fermenting foods has provided man with a highly effective way of preserving fruits, vegetables and meat as a means of storing up food for times of shortage.

The Fermentation process occurs under deoxygenated conditions; which allows anaerobic bacteria and enzymes to biologically break down food. This biological break down pre-digests food which serves to assist the body in digestion making it readily assimilated into the body.

The process also promotes healthy live bacteria which is vital and fundamental part of our gastro intestinal well being. This good bacterium (gut flora) contributes up to eighty percent of our immune system and are a natural way to obtain probiotics. This can be a major advantage in building up the immune system when dealing with chronic disease.

Fermented foods are particularly important whilst taking antibiotics as these medications kill all bacteria both beneficial and bad bacteria. It is important to reintroduce and encourage good gut bacteria into the body.