Red & Green Cabbage Ferment

Red and Green Cabbage Ferment

Slice up a red or green cabbage thickly or thinly as you prefer, or incorporate the two types of cabbage together.

Squeeze or bruise the cut cabbage and place into a glass jar. Crush down using a mortar to release the cabbage juices. Allow the cabbage to be submerged underneath its own juice. We  sprinkle a small amount of Himalayan pink rock salt throughout the layers of cabbage. You could also add celery juice to top up the veg juices to cover over the cabbage. You could also be adventurous by adding ginger or garlic or other items of your choice.

Place the lid on and check in a couple of days by opening the jar. This will also help to depressurize the jar. After about three or four days you will get a distinct strong odour of rotting vegetables which is perfectly normal. Liken it to the smell of mouldy cheese which can be very strong but perfectly good to eat.This can be stored for further bacterial breakdown or eaten after three to four days.

Be creative and have fun.