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Unfortunately we have had to cancel our March seminar due to recent events. We hope to arrange a future meeting with former oncology nurse Patricia Peat.


‘Wake Up to Health’ Seminar’ 31st March 2020

NOTE: Details of our April 2020 seminar can be found below with Guest speaker Ann Devlin and her healing journey incorporating the use of bio-resonance and black salve. Additionally we are arranging the opportunity for people to share their personal positive healing testimonies when faced with cancer.


Sue and I are delighted to announce that our friend, former oncological nurse, Patricia Peat has kindly agreed to share her incredible knowledge of integrative support for cancer patients.

  • Tuesday 31st March 2020, 6.15pm till 9.15pm

Stonebridge City Farm, Stonebridge Road, St Anns, Nottingham, NG3 2FR

Easy parking (Approximately 1 mile from the Nottingham train station.)

CancerOptions is a private cancer consultancy working at the forefront of cancer treatment developments around the world. CancerOptions gives positivity and hope to people who are faced with navigating through the mire of confusion out there.

Our seminars are friendly and informal where we share health promoting information to empower people on their journey back to health. We regularly have people sharing their personal healing testimonies to inspire and encourage others with hope and positivity.

We discuss the importance of food choices, juicing, supplementation, gut health, anti-inflammatory’s, detoxification, hydration and water purification along with various other supportive principles and protocols for consideration. Additionally we talk about the importance of removing stress, Introducing peace and harmony and the major influence of good quality restorative sleep within which is vital to our health and healing potential.

The seminars are free or by voluntary contribution to support us to support you.

God bless

Sue & Robert xx

Active Cancer Therapy Support



ACTS Seminar Monday 27th Apr 2020, 6.15pm – 9.30pm

Carlton Pentecostal Church, Address49 Station Rd, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 3AR

     Ann Devlin, Cancer thriver shares her testimony 

We have our friend Ann Devlin coming as special guest speaker who will be sharing her cancer healing journey when faced with breast cancer. Ann incorporated the use of black salve and bio-resonance along with many other modalities and she is now a qualified bio-resonance practitioner with a heart to support others on their journey back to health.

TESTIMONY EVENT: We are arranging the opportunity for numerous people to share their personal positive experiences and healing testimonies when faced with cancer by playing a part in their own healing journey. There can be nothing more inspiring and encouraging for people going through cancer than to hear directly from people who in many instances where given no hope, yet are still here to share their personal experiences.


EVIDENCE TO EMPOWER PEOPLE: Please read the following to give you an idea of the medical literature that supports the many things we are able to put into place in order to maximize the innate capacity for the body to heal. This can be by simply cutting things out of our lives that are implicated in causing cancer. It may be addressing deficiencies in the body or toxicities. To flood the body with what it is crying out for and to build healthy cells to produce energy and metabolize nutrients efficiently.

Following the loss of my father, mother, father inlaw, uncle and friends to cancer who all went down the medical route, I realized that there was something incomplete in empowering people to their maximum healing potential.  We firmly believe that the more knowledge a person has, the better informed decisions they will be able to make in their own health challenges.  What is a major concern is that much of this knowledge appears within the medical literature and yet is not being communicated to people by the current medical system.

If there is evidence within PubMed Library of Medicine, scientific literature that could help people to empower themselves when they have cancer, then we feel this should be openly and freely shared. These are not simply our opinion, as you will see from the links to PubMed below.

Here are just a few direct links for people to look into for themselves:

  • There are medical Pubmed studies that show that excessive processed sugar uptake causes oncogenesis and yet right now on oncology wards they are selling chocolate bars, sweets, crisps, sugary and aspartame drinks to cancer patients on two tiered service trolleys and I have witnessed this. At best hardly convalescent food, at worst could this be classed as extreme medical negligence with the potential to inhibit the potential of healing?
  • Hospitals give milk to cancer patients and it is in nutrient drinks specifically for cancer patients, yet Pubmed medical library studies say that insulin growth factor one (IGF1) that is naturally contained in milk grows tumours like there is no tomorrow. The medical system is in fact studying pharmaceutical treatments to inhibit IGF1 thereby inhibiting cancer. My thoughts are why go to the expense of placing liver toxic drugs into the body to inhibit IGF1 when you can stop placing it in to the body in the first instance?
  • Excessive processed sugar rapidly raises blood sugar levels, meaning that insulin is released by the pancreas to get the sugar out of the bloodstream as quickly as possible because if it did not, then this could be life threatening. I would ask the question; is insulin not known as an anabolic growth factor which has the potential to grow tumours according to Pubmed medical studies? So whilst there seems to be a difference with processed sugars and natural sugars contained in their whole form the rapid release of sugar into the blood stream has the ability to release insulin known to rapidly grow tumors.
  • I have a diet for cancer book written on behalf of Macmillan which gives a recipe for a toffee ice cream pudding which specifies in the recipe the use of four mars bars, milk and cream! For cancer patients!!!?
  • There is no secret that cancer has a high metabolism for the uptake of sugar in its fermentative respiration. Normal cells produce 36-38 units of energy (ATP) per molecule of sugar through the Krebs cycle, but cancer cells produce only two units of energy per molecule of sugar in the dysfunctional deoxygenated cellular environment. This means that the cancer cell has a veracious appetite for sugar having in the region of 95 insulin/sugar receptor sites as opposed to 5 or 6 on normal cells. This is how the PET and CAT scans work. By infusing radiation into sugar and then placing this into the body the cancer cells seize the sugar and then they light up with radiation like a light house.
  • If we have medical studies that show that cancer is largely caused through lifestyle, nutrition and environmental factors then why are the billions that have gone into funding cancer charities not educating people to at least switch these factors off in order to stack the odds in a persons favour? You cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results as this was the definition of madness according to Einstein.
  • What if a part of the problem was toxic heavy metals building up in the body causing reactive oxygen species (ROS) inflammation? Can we ignore these toxicities and further compromise the body with aggressive medical treatments and think this is going to be effective long term? Surely we need processes of chelating these cancer causing metals out of the body to maximise the potential of true healing.


Sue and I firmly believe that the more knowledge a person has the better informed decisions they can make on their journey back to health.

Robert & Sue xx

God bless



Our seminars are free, but if you would like to contribute to what you have freely received this is appreciated which help to support us to support people and continue our passion to empower people in their journey back to health.


You can make contributions to what you have freely received through our website link, but this is not obligatory:

Supporting us to support you

Come along and find out more about the health principles we and many other people are choosing to do in our endeavour to change the bodily environment to one in which  chronic illness and cancer struggles to thrive.



We share Sue’s testimony along with many other peoples testimonies of what they chose to do when told there is no hope.  We share science based informational studies from the medical literature concerning major lifestyle and dietary issues that are actively anti cancer. It is important to also understand foods and lifestyles on the opposing side which contribute to promoting and feeding cancer.


“Our endeavour was to change the bodily

environment to one in which  chronic illness and

cancer struggles to thrive.”





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 Rob & Sue 

Consider the following: If we are endeavouring to heal but do not stop doing the things that are known to be implicated in the cause of cancer then is this not like trying to dry our selves off whilst still in the shower.

Einstein said the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Cancer is non-existent in various cultures around the world. These cultures have been scientifically studied and documented in a book called the Blue Zones. Is it not logical to look at these cultures and follow their lead?

Hear testimonies of various people who have successfully used natural principles in their healing journey.

Be inspired and encouraged with a new lease of positivity and hope. We share information to empower people in playing a significant part within their own healing journey. This empowerment comes through learning, understanding and implementing factors which are massively influential in terms of whether a person expresses a genetic predisposition to cancer or chronic dis-ease. This is what is termed as epigenetics.

Epigenetics involves addressing many causative and influencing factors that are within our control in nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle. It is learning how to boost the immune system, detoxifying the body, sourcing nutrient dense non toxic foods, supplementation, hydration, sleep, stress, emotional issues etc.etc.  It is our understanding that cancer is a holistic issue with no single snake oil cure, so shouldn’t we be dealing with the whole person, mind, spirit, body and soul on the journey back to health and wellbeing.

We share Sue’s healing testimony when she was given no hope, along with the principles and protocols of what we chose to do and why we chose to do them. We encourage people to work alongside professional healthcare guidance whether naturopathic or medical. We firmly believe that the more knowledge a person has, the more informed decisions they can make. We also encourage people at our seminars to share their own healing testimonies in order to inspire, encourage and give hope to other people going through cancer.

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Our seminars are in no way to undermine doctors and the many wonderful things they do, but more to support and compliment the NHS through knowledge of cancer prevention and convalescence enhancing strategies. Learn about simple, lifestyle and nutritional tweaks to keep ourselves and our families in good health and to prevent being on the wrong side of the current one in two cancer statistics.

Our aim is to give much needed positivity and inspiration to people living with cancer or chronic illness by empowering them with health enhancing knowledge. In summary, there are ways of sourcing, preparing and enjoying delicious foods, many with scientifically documented health promoting qualities that will assist in keeping you and your family healthy and free from dis-EASE.


With a passion to empower people

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We do not charge for our seminars workshops or events as we simply have a passion to support people with cancer using natural principles. We share the principles we adopted in building the immune system and implementing functional medicine (natural protocols) to change the bodily environment that supports cancer to thrive.




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