Bernie Walsh Testimony

Bernie Walsh Testimony February 2015


I was Diagnosed in January 2014 with stage four lung cancer which had spread to the rib and distant lymph nodes and was inoperable.

In March I was diagnosed with pneumonia and I was given antibiotics. I was put on 150 mg of Erlotinib and had one bout of radiotherapy. I had a very bad reaction to the chemotherapy and it sent my liver readings sky high. I was taken into the hospital for two weeks and taken off the drug. I was sent home and still had pneumonia. I became very poorly and weak. I couldn’t even get up the stairs without help. I was taken into hospital again where I was told I have a massive lung abscess and pneumonia from coughing and all of my ribs on one side were broke through coughing so violently.

I spent six more weeks on antibiotics in hospital. The consultant was expecting me to die at this point and said that the cancer had wrapped its self around the lung abscess and that she apologised and said that there was nothing more that can be done.

I came out of hospital at the end of May 2014.

I heard about this couple in Nottingham who had reversed the wife’s liver cancer using nutrition and natural principles and that this couple put on free meetings to share their testimony. They had set up a support group called ‘Active Cancer Therapy Support’ and I tried to go to one of the meetings but was too ill, but managed to get to a second meeting.

I did have difficulty getting up the steps to the meeting but having listened to Sue Olifent’s testimony and obtained a copy of their book ‘Do You Want to Know What We Did to Beat Cancer’ I was inspired and threw everything into the natural principles and protocols that Sue chose to do, having done my own research too. I also attended the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy twice a week. When I started on the nutritional therapy diet I progressively got better and better.I received the results of my last MRI scan January 2015 and have now been informed that I am cancer free and I am now running two and a half miles at the gym.