Book overview

Do You Want to Know What We Did to Beat Cancer ?

Are we really winning the war on cancer when the current statistics tell us that one person in two and a half people will get cancer? Have we in the western world somehow gotten lost and confused in what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle? Is it possible that we have been seduced by the relentless onslaught of the processed food manufactures advertising and perhaps been sold a sweet sounding song of flavour enhanced food and convenience?

The adverts tell us their products will make us popular, sexy and happy, when all too often in reality they make us obese, sick and depressed. What is needed is a paradigm shift to re-learn the principles of health, wellbeing and true healing? This book is a powerful exposé on modern day living and a wakeup call to the consequences of our indulgence in over processed, artificial, nutritionally depleted, toxic foods.

We share ‘our experience’ of what we did when my wife was faced with cancer. It is our hope that through our experience we can inspire and create empowerment for people to make ‘informed’ decisions in their own options when faced with chronic or life threatening illness of all kinds.

The principles contained within the pages of this book are certainly not just about cancer, but are relevant to creating a healthy bodily environment to prevent and to fight many common western diseases. The medical establishments by and large continue to treat symptoms of disease, but by thinking out side of the box and addressing the root cause, when the body truly heals, then all heals.

Published with a passion to empower people