GMO foods banned for UK MPs

GMO foods banned for UK MPs

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Quote from the House of Common Food procurement Policy

“In line with its procurement policy, the House of Commons Catering Service avoids, wherever identifiable, the procurement of foods that contain genetically modified organisms,” reads a statement in the U.K. Parliament’s own restaurant food procurement document. “To this end, as part of the tendering process, food suppliers are required to work to a strict GM organisms policy and give assurances that goods supplied be free from genetically modified materials.”

Worse still the memo goes on to claim that, in the House of Commons GMO rejection is an issue of ‘customer choice’. So clearly the MPs don’t want to eat GMO food.

Now you may find this all the more bizarre when you consider key members of the Government are staunchly pro-GMO foods and are advocating that all of us should be eating it. The Daily Mail has turned whistleblower here stating that news of the Parliament’s ban on GMOs at its own restaurants comes in the midst of a massive Government-led pro-GMO propaganda campaign. This shows just how out of touch they are with both the science and consumer interest. The Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment, Owen Paterson, actually claims GMOs are safer than non-GMO foods!!

No doubt he requests specially prepared GMO-rich meals in the House of Commons dining room, if they are indeed healthier as he suggests.

The ridiculous and untrue views of Patterson are exposed by the Daily Mail. Patterson, in one statement claimed: “Over the last 15 years, despite offering the seeds for free to those who would need them, every attempt to deploy Golden Rice has been thwarted.”

The fact is that Golden Rice has never been approved anywhere, nor has it ever been offered for free to any country.

Don’t do as I do, do as I tell you!

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