Ty Bollinger Interveiw

ty bollinger interview 18 may 2015

Sue and I felt privileged to meet up with Ty Bollinger in London on the 18 May 2015. We hold Ty and his wife Charlene in high esteem for their passion in bringing health enhancing knowledge to people suffering from cancer and chronic disease.

We purchased The Quest For the Cures documentary DVDs last year and we were blown away by the fabulous information contained within them. Ty interviewed numerous world renowned doctors and naturopathic doctors who specialise in natural principles of healing by addressing root causational issues. Knowledge empowers people in order to make informed decisions. rather than just leaving your life in the hands of the medical establishment who use predominantly radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery seemingly leaving root causational issues unaddressed.

Ty is now producing his next DVD documentary series which will include ninety interviews from cancer specialists and survivor testimonies many of whom were given a terminal prognosis. These people probably had one major thing in common, they had knowledge and they took personal responsibility over their health and healing.

Sue was quite apprehensive about being filmed, but Ty made us both feel very welcomed and at ease. Sue was great and she seemed so confident and I think this also comes from her passion and her genuine desire to encourage others going through cancer helping to empower them.

Ty Sue and Rob

We believe firmly in the power of prayer and that if God is in what we are doing then He will open up ways for us to reach people. I believe that this direction to Ty was one of those ways and Sue and I were truly blessed by this opportunity to share our experience.

We are seeing some wonderful things happening in peoples lives and we encourage these people to share their own healing testimonies at our monthly Wake Up to Health seminars too.

Check out Ty’s website http://thetruthaboutcancer.com/#

Thanks again to Ty and Charlene for all you are doing,

God bless you both

Robert and Sue Olifent