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“Sharing life and health enhancing knowledge”

A Call For Health Ambassadors
Sue and I encourage people to pick up the flag by putting on your own meetings to share life and health enhancing protocols to empower people who have cancer. We are finding that more and more people are becoming passionate in becoming involved an ambassador for health, even if it is simply talking to friends, family or neighbours over the garden fence.
The health and wellbeing principles that we freely share are life changing but are definitely not just about cancer. It is about creating a body which is healthy and has the ability to fight the toxic onslaught of modern day living in this toxic world.
You as individuals have the power to move in circles that we do not move in, your family, your friends, your work colleagues. This should not be about bigging up Sue and I (ACTS) .
This health movement will be more difficult for the corporate pharmaceutical companies to prevent, the more people who take an active involvement. It is about people taking response-ability over their own health and that of their family. So set up your own health website, Facebook page, email newsletter and hold your own seminars in a pub, church, community space or home. If you need to have a chat about setting something up then we would be happy to talk this over with you.
We all hold the power of where we choose to spend our money, so spend it wisely away from the corporations who are in so many ways the leading cause of many of mankind’s ills.
Support local farmers, farmers markets, farm shops, small grocers, local butchers, allotment societies. Learn about why people should be supporting local organic/bio dynamic farmers and passionately share this with others. Learn gardening and how to live from the land, because the world is coming to a financial, political, social, meltdown. Having the knowledge and the ability to provide for ourselves and our families will be paramount to our survival.
These are serious times we are living in, known as the last days within bible prophesy. Our water is fluoridated and chlorinated with additional contamination from medications and industrial agricultural chemicals. So implement protective measures.
Our food is contaminated with chemicals and is grown in nutrient depleted soils so why not get it from better sources. Processed foods take more from the body than it gives, so make better choices to protect ourselves and our families from the one in two cancer statistics (Ref: CRUK’s latest statistics).
This is not all gloom and doom because armed with knowledge we can do great things to protect ourselves and our families.
God bless
Robert & Sue xx

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