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The Truth About Cancer:’ A Global Quest. Ty Bollinger has been working tirelessly helping people to understand why we get cancer and what we can do right now to stack the odds in our favour. Ty has interviewed well over a hundred cancer doctors, scientists, and survivors too from across the world. I can’t praise Ty and Charlene Bollinger enough for their passion in sharing health empowering information!

You can now watch this amazing life saving new docu-series which will have FREE open access from the 12 April 2016. . Sue was told she had no hope with liver cancer in 2011. Sue said “Thankfully I am very fortunate that my husband Rob had been researching all about natural cancer healing principles following the loss of his mum and dad to cancer in 2008. Rob encouraged me to lose the fear that the word cancer creates and to believe whole heartedly in following the anti-cancer protocols”.

“In all honesty, for me it was a struggle at first, however once I lost the ‘fear’, I found an amazing positivity and much needed hope which had been so lacking. When we started to learn how to take control of health, it was empowering. It has now become our passion to share with others the many ways to create a healthy bodily environment that is hostile to cancer”.  

Cancer took my mum and my Dad in 2008. Cancer took my father in law, my uncle and my friends.

Wherever you are in the world, cancer affects our lives.  Every year, 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer and 8 million will die of the disease, this is according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  It not only claims lives, it destroys lives.

Is there a better way?  Sue and I believe yes, absolutely. I sincerely hope that people will be empowered by watching the Truth about Cancer The Global Quest during the free access on the 12th April. God bless, Robert & Sue x

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