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I cant help but wonder if this is winning the war what would losing it be like?

With these horrendous statistics does it not make perfect sense to learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones by empowering ourselves with knowledge of true health, wellbeing and healing?

By registering to watch The Truth About Cancer, A Global Quest FREE OF CHARGE, you will do just that! This nine part documentary series will start  09 Oct 2018 for the following nine days and yes you heard right, No Charge!

Sue and I were interviewed by Ty in London and we appear on episode 7 of the Truth About Cancer documentary series.


The Truth About Cancer a Global quest is airing free of charge so take advantage to listen and learn through interviews from cancer scientists, doctors and naturopathic doctors within the cancer field and also survivors.

Please share this free 9 part documentary series to offer hope, inspiration and encouragement to people facing cancer. People would do well to educate themselves and their loved ones for prevention firstly, but also the empowerment of knowing what to do in the event of a cancer diagnosis..

Are we to believe that this is just bad luck or genetics? Evidence within medical literature of PubMed actually tells us that cancer is born out of dietary, lifestyle, environmental and toxicity within modern day living. I firmly believe that stress and emotional factors also play a large role in cancer so it is important to address these issues too.


God bless

Robert & Sue xx

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About Ty & Charlene Bollinger

Ty and Charlene Bollinger are founders of The Truth About Cancer. After enduring the painful loss of both of Ty’s parents and several relatives to cancer, they set out on a life-changing mission: Find real answers… bring hope… and defeat this disease once and for all.

In this hard-hitting, 9-episode docu-series, Ty travels the world interviewing over 100 doctors… researchers… leading cancer experts… and survivors to share their successful therapies, advanced treatments, breakthrough technologies… and simple lifestyle guides most traditional doctors will never talk about.

A Global Quest is their personal way to honor those they have personally lost – and spare millions of fathers… mothers… sons… and daughters from ever enduring the heavy loss of a loved one to cancer. Their life’s mission is to share the biggest truth learned during this quest:

The vast majority of all diseases (including cancer) can be prevented – and even cured – without drugs or surgery.

Ty and Charlene are frequently guest speakers for seminars, health groups, expos, conferences and church functions. They make regular appearances on various radio shows and writes content articles based on their findings that are featured in popular magazines and websites.

I hope that you enjoy it and please share with others who may be interested or benefit from. God bless, Robert

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The Truth About Cancer:’ A Global Quest. Ty Bollinger has been working tirelessly helping people to understand why we get cancer and what we can do right now to stack the odds in our favour. Ty has interviewed well over a hundred cancer doctors, scientists, and survivors too from across the world. I can’t praise Ty and Charlene Bollinger enough for their passion in sharing health empowering information!

You can now watch this amazing life saving new docu-series which will have FREE open access from the 12 April 2016. . Sue was told she had no hope with liver cancer in 2011. Sue said “Thankfully I am very fortunate that my husband Rob had been researching all about natural cancer healing principles following the loss of his mum and dad to cancer in 2008. Rob encouraged me to lose the fear that the word cancer creates and to believe whole heartedly in following the anti-cancer protocols”.

“In all honesty, for me it was a struggle at first, however once I lost the ‘fear’, I found an amazing positivity and much needed hope which had been so lacking. When we started to learn how to take control of health, it was empowering. It has now become our passion to share with others the many ways to create a healthy bodily environment that is hostile to cancer”.  

Cancer took my mum and my Dad in 2008. Cancer took my father in law, my uncle and my friends.

Wherever you are in the world, cancer affects our lives.  Every year, 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer and 8 million will die of the disease, this is according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  It not only claims lives, it destroys lives.

Is there a better way?  Sue and I believe yes, absolutely. I sincerely hope that people will be empowered by watching the Truth about Cancer The Global Quest during the free access on the 12th April. God bless, Robert & Sue x

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