“We share our personal journey of  the natural principles

we put into place in our endeavour was to change the

  bodily environment that supported cancer to thrive.”


…………………………………………-Rob & Sue

      Free inspirational talks/seminars 


“We endeavoured to wreck the bodily environment that cancer needed to thrive” Robert Olifent


Seminar 1

An inspiring personal journey of distress, heartache, pain and courage.

Sue’s Pondering Thoughts

Wonderful things can blossom from going through life’s awful experiences, creating a greater appreciation of life. Going through stormy times often enables us to have more empathy for others, which in our experience has created a passion to support, encourage and give hope to people going through cancer. There is always HOPE and hope is positive a positive thing, even when things seem to be falling apart all around us. Never give up hope as you are so precious to those who love you.



Do You Want to Know What We Did to Beat Cancer


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Beat Cancer BookWe welcome the opportunity to speak to groups or organisations to give Sues story of where we were, where we are now and the principles of how we got there.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss hosting a meeting.


Sharing this life and health enhancing knowledge has become our passion, so please contact us if you would like to host an event at your home, community centre, church or other venue ‘free of charge’ within the Nottinghamshire area. We may broaden our range to other parts of the UK as we develop and we will update you on this through our website and Facebook Page.

Our Mission

  • To give inspiration and hope.
  • To share knowledge cancer healing experiences to the world.
  • To bring empowerment to people through knowledge
  • To bring care, support and positivity
  • We offer our prayers for all who are in need of them.


We are witnessing many people who by adopting similar natural principles to Sue are now cancer free. We encourage these people who have positive experiences to share their testimonies at our meetings in order to inspire others. There can be nothing more inspiring and encouraging than to meet and speak with numerous people who have reversed their cancer through adopting natural principles. So we warmly invite you to come along to our free seminars and events to be empowered and inspired.

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We are not a charity, but if anyone would like to help us by contributing to the time and assistance we have freely given you, then you may do so by clicking the link below to our contribution page. Thank you.

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