Active Cancer Therapy Support

‘Our Mission’

  • To host free ACTS  ‘Wake Up to Health’ seminars
  • To freely share health empowering knowledge.
  • To take the pressure off our crumbling NHS through teaching dis-ease preventative strategies.
  • To give a platform for sharing individual personal healing testimonials to inspire and encourage others.
  • To open discussion on the many and varied ways of empowering the health, wellbeing and healing of a person.
  • To educate about many cancer causing influences and to empower people to turn from and restrict these causational factors according to PubMed Library of Medicine.
  • To support quality of life
  • To bring care, support, love, positivity and ultimately hope where there seems none.
  • We offer our prayers for healing in our Lord Jesus name to those who would like prayer..


“We share our personal healing journey of 

the natural principles we put into place in our

endeavour to change the bodily environment from one

that supported cancer, to one that cancer struggled to

thrive on many levels”

…………………………………………-Rob & Sue

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Lifestyle Coaching, Supporting

You on Your Journey Back to Health

From Active Cancer Therapy Support
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  Tel: 07976 665781

Healthy lifestyle coaching for people with cancer to support the whole person

To support the whole person is to consider: Mind, spirit body and soul

What does it cost? Free, or by voluntary contribution

Where do we coach?  Phone, Skype, Facebook live, or in person

(As a guide to those who are able and want to contribute, how much would you pay an hour for a main dealer mechanic?)



“We endeavoured to wreck the bodily environment that cancer needed to thrive”

Taking out all known inflammatory and toxic influences, detoxifying and flooding the body with scientifically documented natural anti cancer herbs, spices supplements and nutrients to empower the immune system and body to be healthy.


What started our journey of discovery?

 My mother, father and Sue’s father were all diagnosed with cancer and all took medical advice and treatment, but died. Something seemed so wrong in what we witnessed with our parents and the many contradictions, time delays and nonsensical system. This prompted me to research into what we now term as ‘the cancer business’.

What we found, left a bitter taste as the further we researched the more concerned we became as my parents died within three weeks of each other. How can we truly empower people to heal when the medical system advises to continue doing the things that led up to the formation of cancer in the first instance on many different levels?

The term quackery was formulated by the medical system to describe unqualified unscrupulous people or organisations from giving health advice to sick people. It occurred to me that by their definition they are guilty of there own concocted term by advising cancer patients on the right choice of foods to eat when oncologists have no training whatsoever as a nutritionist. You will see below a PubMed Library of Medicine peer reviewed study which details causational factors for cancer. The study lists diet and obesity up to a whopping 50-55% causation. The study goes on to list alcohol 5-6%, so 61%. Then it lists infections as being 15-20% and how is it that we become more prone to infections? A poor immune system! How do we get a poor immune system? Poor diet and lifestyle which then makes it up to 70%. Then we consider smoking, but is this not lifestyle as we consume the smoke? We are now up to 90-95% cancer is caused by diet and lifestyle. To not address these is issues seems ludicrous in the extreme, what are your thoughts?

Dietary guidance from oncologists includes processed foods, bacon, sausages, sweets, chocolate bars, crisps, donuts, microwaved food, ice cream, biscuits, ready meals, fizzy sugary drinks, chips. At best hardly convalescent foods to inspire health on a cellular level. At worst feeding the progression of dis-ease with inflammatory food like products that they are endeavouring to medically treat.

We came to have a passion to freely share health empowering knowledge. Surely If we are to maximise the potential of healing then does it not make sense that we have to switch off as many of the cancer causing factors as possible in our current lifestyle and diet, is this not logical? To endeavour to heal by having treatments alone seems like trying to dry your self off whilst still in the shower, but with far more serious consequences.

PubMed Study

Cancer is a Preventable Disease that Requires Major Lifestyle Changes

Published online 2008 Jul 15.     PMCID: PMC2515569


Diet: 30-35%

infection: 15-20%

Obesity: 10-20%

Alcohol: 5-6%

Tobacco: 25-30%

Other: 10-15%

Genetic: 5-10%


We are now witnessing many people choosing to incorporate natural principles who are living positively through the cancer experience. We also share the testimonies of people who tell us they are cancer free or living well with cancer far beyond their prognosis.  We encourage these people who have positive experiences to share their testimonies at our free seminars no matter what methods they have incorporated.

There can be nothing more inspiring and encouraging to people with cancer than to meet and speak with numerous people who have had positive experiences following their cancer diagnosis. This is often through their taking an active part in their healing journey, whether integrated, complimentary or fully natural route.

We warmly invite you to come along to our free ‘Wake Up to Health’ seminars, to  learn what we have the power to influence in order to stack the odds in our favour.

We have no products to sell 

 These heart breaking experiences of losing our loved ones forced us to consider what is going on in our society that now gives rise to one person in two getting cancer and rising, according to CRUKs latest statistics.

Yes you heard that right, one person in two! Are we really winning the war on cancer like the mainstream media promotes and would have us believe?


Do You Want to Know What We Did to Beat Cancer

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We welcome the opportunity to speak to groups or organisations that have a heart to help people. We share Sue’s story of where we were, where we are now and the principles of how we got there. Consider the following quotation and then read it back to yourself again:

“If you do not switch off the many and varied causational factors of cancer how can we expect to truly heal?” Robert Olifent 



If you are able and would like to support us to support you in our ‘Wake Up to Health’ campaign and lifestyle cancer coaching you can make a contribution to what you have freely received. Just click the contribution link below which will take you to the contributions page of our website.

God bless

Robert & Sue xx

Thank you for supporting us to support you.